Aulando Propolis Throat Spray 30ml



Aulando Propolis Throat Spray combines propolis with myrrh and a blend of essential oils to freshen the breath, also to protect and soothe irritated membranes of the mouth and throat. Propolis is used by the honey bees to seal crack within the hive, preventing infection from entering, and the herb myrrh has been used historically as a natural antiseptic that also promotes healing.


Ingredients: per 30ml
water 19.59g
Propylene Glycol 7.63g
Manuka Honey 3.09g
Propolis(as solid) 0.62g
Peppermint oil 0.28g
Lecithin 0.18g
Myrrh(1:5) 0.09g
Aniseed oil 0.01g
Clove oil 0.01g


Spay into mouth by pumping top 1-6 times per day or as required. shake well before use.

*Do not use if carton seal is broken.
*Avoid spraying into eyes.

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