Aulando Infant Milk Stage 1 900g

Aulando infant milk stage1


Aulando infant formula is a unique formulation, nutritionally complete and designed for 0-6 months’ babies to meet the needs of bottle fed infants.


Milk solids【Lactose, Skim milk, whey powder】,
vegetable oil [Soy, Palm, Sunflower, Coconut, Soy Lecithin],
Minerals [Calcium carbonate,
Magnesium chloride,
Di-Calcium hydrogen phosphate,
Potassium chloride,
Ferrous sulphate,
Zinc sulphate,
Manganese sulphate,
Potassium iodide, Sodium selenite],
Arachidonic acid (ARA) powder,
Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) powder,
Vitamins [Ascorbic acid (Vitamin. C),
Vitamin E, Vitamin A acetate,
Cholecalciferol (Vit.D3) Niacinamide,
Vit. K1, Vita. B1, Vit.B5, Vit B6, Folic acid, Vit. B12,
Riboflavin (Vit.B2)],
Choline chloride,

*Allergies information: Contains Fish, Fish Oil, Milk, Lactose, Whey, Whey Protein Concentrate, Soya, Soya Lecithins & Sulphate.


0-2 weeks > 55ml water > 1 scoop > 7-9 times per day
2-4 weeks > 110ml water > 2 scoops > 6-8 times per day
1-2 weeks > 110ml water > 2 scoops > 5-6 times per day
2-4 months > 165ml  water > 3 scoops > 5 times per day
4-6 months > 220ml water > 4 scoops > 4-5 times per day
Over 6 months > 220ml water > 4 scoops > 4-5 times per day

1 scoop = 8.2g

*This is a regulatory guide as a reference only.

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