Aulando Flax + Milk Calcium 60 caps



Aulando Flax+ Milk Calcium Soft gel is specially designed for children. By adding unique Alpha Linolenic (ALA) and Flaxseed oil, Aulando Flax+ Milk Calcium Soft gel can promote absorption and utilization of calcium, iron and zinc, helps to promote the development of bones, teeth, brain and retina of your children. The raw materials of Aulando Flax+ Milk Calcium Soft gel source from pure natural organic milk that is free of harmful pesticides, artificial hormones, antibiotics, heavy metals and harmful genetically modified ingredients.
The production of Aulando Flax+ Milk Calcium Soft gel strictly follows the standards of NZFSA from collection of raw material, processing, packaging, storage and transportation. The product is without any pollution and is without adding any of processing aids, color, flavor and preservatives.
Long-term taking of Aulando Flax+ Milk Calcium Soft gel can help the healthy growth and development of teeth, bone, brain and retina.


Flac seed oil- 413.9mg
Equivalent to Alpha Linolenic Acid (ALA) – 228mg
Milk Calcium Powder (Natural Milk Salts) – 220mg
Equivalent to Calcium – 50mg
HCP 102 (Casein hydrolysate) – 2.2mg
Equivalent to Casein phosphopeptide – 0.3mg
Encapsulating Aids

*This product contains dairy ingredients.


Children 6month-3years, take 1-2 capsules twice daily,  and sprinkled onto food or as professionally advised.

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